Samsung Galaxy S3 MMS Problem: Cannot Receive MMS from iPhone

Galaxy S3 MMS Problem

A question recently came in The Droid Guy Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S3 MMS problem. The message reads, “I am having Samsung Galaxy S3 MMS problem. I can’t receive any MMS sent by an iPhone user despite being able to receive the ones sent by Android users. Why is that? Is there also a solution for this?”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 MMS Problem Plus Solutions

1. Compatibility Issue

This particular Galaxy S3 MMS problem may be due to the fact that the sender is not using the stock messaging app of his phone. Confirm first if the sender’s device has been jailbroken and if he is using non-stock messaging app. Using non-native apps or a jailbroken phone in sending MMS may raise compatibility issues. The same is true if your device has been rooted or you are not using the stock messaging app of your Samsung Smartphone.

2. Buggy OS

If you are positive that both of you are using non-modified devices (unrooted and not jailbroken), both your MMS configurations are correct and you are both using the stock messaging apps  of your phones, some contributors in various online forums suggest that it may be influenced by the operating system versions of your phones. It is possible that a recent update on your operating systems may be causing the bug.

3. Rogue Apps

Erratic third-party apps may also have a hand in the Galaxy S3 MMS problem. To test whether any third-party app is triggering the issue in your phone, try starting it under Safe Mode. Then, ask someone with an iPhone to send you MMS while under that Mode. Be sure to double check if your Mobile Data is turned on while testing. If you receive the MMS under Safe Mode, then, you just had a confirmation that another app is definitely causing the issue. Try to locate the troublesome app and delete it.

4. Corrupted or Altered System Files

A Factory Reset is another quick way to remove apps interfering with the normal operations of your device. It also restores the original state of your system apps if they have been corrupted or altered in any way. But this will remove all your important files like pictures, videos and documents too so be sure to backup prior to this.

Other Remedies

If all else fails, contact your carrier or Samsung about it and ask for a possible fix, if there are any. Advise the sender (the iPhone owner) to call his carrier (if different from you) or seek Apple’s advice about the issue too.

For the meantime, consider using email in sending pictures or other files while we are seeking enlightenment on the issue.

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