Samsung Galaxy S3 Minus One Email Notification

Galaxy S3 Minus One Email Notification

A weird bug has been reported to us which displays a Galaxy S3 minus one email notification. The original message reads, “Finally after so long, got the 4.3 upgrade for my Galaxy S3 (GT-i9305). I hoped it would correct most of the original bugs but I’m afraid that didn’t happen just yet. A while ago I found a funny bug in my e-mail app that nobody ever reported to my knowledge – a minus one e-mail (see photo attached). It’s not really a big deal, but it is definitely annoying. Any chance you have a solution for it?

Possible Ways to Fix the Galaxy S3 Minus One Email Notification

A Factory Reset is always recommended after updating. This would help completely remove the glitches brought about by the changes in the system files. But if you are uncomfortable with this solution, you may want to try out clearing your data and cache as suggested by contributors in various online forums dedicated to Android.

How to Clear Cache and Data to Solve the Galaxy S3 Minus One Email Notification

This one worked with several users experiencing the Galaxy S3 minus one email notification. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Application Manager
  • Tap the All tab
  • Look for the Email app and select it
  • Tap Clear Cache

Exit the configuration menu and see if the problem persists. If the Galaxy S3 minus one email notification is still there, follow the same steps but select Clear Data instead in the last part.

Note that selecting Clear Data would reset your email settings to its default state. So, you will have to reconfigure its settings again based on your preferences.

Now, if this doesn’t work, then, the only option left would be to proceed with the dreaded Android¬†Factory Reset.

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  1. I discovered that if you set the S3 to delete from the server when you delete from your phone, then the minus email happens. Rather use your PC to delete emails from your server.

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