Samsung Galaxy S3 GUI Sounds Disappearing

S3 GUI Sounds Disappearing

Recently, we received a message via The Droid Guy Mailbag about Samsung Galaxy S3 with GUI sounds disappearing. The email reads, “Hi, I own a Samsung Galaxy S3. Lately, I have been experiencing a problem with my device. Its graphical user interface sounds sometimes disappear for no apparent reason. I noticed that this has been happening randomly. Is there a way to fix this?”

Possible Ways to Fix GUI Sounds Disappearing Problem

Here are some steps to solve the GUI sounds disappearing issue:

1. Toggle Mute Function

Go to Apps followed by Settings. Then under the Motion section,  switch on and off the “Turn Over to Mute/Pause” function.

2. Put Volume to Full

Another way to solve this glitch is by pressing the volume button down and then suddenly raise it to its maximum.

3. Restart Phone

Minor glitches are usually solved by rebooting the phone. This will enable it to refresh its system and eliminate minor bugs. This may only be temporary remedy though.

4. Download App

According to one contributor in the XDA Developers forum, downloading the Quick Settings app from the Play Store and then setting the volume bars of the app to full will bring back the normal sound of your phone.

5. Observe in Safe Mode

When the GUI sounds disappearing problem keeps on recurring, start your Note 3 under Safe Mode. Observe if the issue still takes place. If not, then, the problem may only be caused by a third-party app or corrupted system files. But the problem persists, that’s the time that you should bring it to a technician because it may already be a hardware issue.

6. Remove Buggy Apps

Look for apps in your phone that are suspicious in nature or try to recall the ones you installed prior to the issue. Simply disable or uninstall them to test if the auto mute still happens.

If you are having problems locating the rogue apps or you have already tried every possible solution with no success so far, do a Factory Reset to revert your device back to its factory settings. This will also bring back your system files to their original or uncorrupted state. Be sure to backup before this though.

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