Samsung Galaxy S3 Browser Crashes When Downloading

Galaxy S3 browser crashes

A new email recently came in The Droid Guy Mailbag. The message says, “When I try to download a file through my Galaxy S3 browser, from any webpage for that matter ,it crashes due to an unspecified reason. Is there a way to fix it?”

Here are ways to fix Galaxy S3 browser crashes whenever you are trying to download a file online:

1. Reboot Device

Try to restart your device by holding down the Power/Lock button until it reboots. This will enable it to refresh its system and remove minor bugs.

2. Remove SD Card

Some Galaxy S3 browser crashes are caused by faulty SD card, especially if it is a low-grade product, it has incompatibility issues with your phone or it is corrupted. So, to test if it is the one causing the issue, try removing it or replace it with another that has a lower memory or better quality.

3. Clear the Cache and Data of the Browser

Clear the cache and data of your browser. You can do this by opening your browser. Then, press the Menu button followed by selecting More. Next, proceed to Settings. From there, tap Clear Cache. For better results, you may also tap Clear History and Clear All Cookie Data.

4. Clear the Clipboard

To do this, just open your text messaging app. Long press any area in the text field. When the clipboard appears, long press on the item that you wish to delete and select the command to erase it.

5. Switch the Download Location

Another possible way to fix the problem is by changing your download location to your SD card, if you have any.

6. Do a Factory Reset

If all else fails, performing a Factory Reset is your last option. You can access the option to do this under the Recovery Mode of your device.

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