Samsung Galaxy S3 Blank Screen When Receiving Calls

Galaxy S3 Blank Screen

Here is another message that I recently came across in The Droid Guy Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S3 blank screen problem when receiving calls:

“Hello guys! First I’d like to say thank you for the continuous flow or drips of information that you send out. I regularly read it and it’s very informative and have helped me make better use of my phone, get good apps, etc. However I currently have a problem which is extremely frustrating.  I was given a replacement Galaxy S3 which came with version 4.3. Initially I was pleased with this but not so much anymore.  On top of the usual bugs which you guys speak about my biggest frustration is that I frequently miss phone calls as my screen stays blank when the phone rings and no amount of swiping or pressing the home button lets me answer the phone. I’m not a tech savvy person so haven’t modified my phone or rooted it to anything or any such fandangled stuff. Can you help? I’m using the same apps as I was prior to my phone switch, and have more than the 150mb of free cache as your site suggests. I run my own  business and can’t afford to miss calls. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.”

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Blank Screen When Receiving Calls Problem

We have already tackled some problems that may be related to this issue in our previous articles like Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Darkens While Dialing and Galaxy S4 Screen Unresponsive During Calls. So, try to test if the solutions discussed there will work for you.

I would like to emphasize that the problem is usually triggered by some power-saving apps as well as the Galaxy S3’s very own power-saving feature according to various online forums. So, check if disabling such apps or features will fix the issue before going into Factory Reset. Then, remember that you should only consider the Factory Reset option once you have tried every possible remedy for the Galaxy S3 blank screen issue which were mentioned in the previous articles.

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  1. Press call button. Right click and choose call settings. There is a box titled “TURN OFF SCREEN DURING CALLS”/ Uncheck the box. Solves the problem

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