Samsung Galaxy S3 Automatically Downloads Apps and Runs Slow

Galaxy S3 Automatically Downloads Apps

A new email wherein the Galaxy S3 Automatically downloads apps and frequently running slow came in today. The message reads, ” I noticed that my Galaxy S3 has been very buggy. There are times when the phone simply becomes unresponsive. My Galaxy S3 automatically downloads apps too and it seems to download updates all the time. Please recommend ways to fix the problem.”

Possible Reason for the Galaxy S3 Lag

The problem about the lag can be associated with the way that the Galaxy S3 Automatically downloads apps or updates itself most of the time. It is possible that the lags are caused by the phone already running short of memory after the installation of new apps and update. This is further aggravated by the simultaneous downloads running in its background which eat up too much of the phone’s processing power. So, let us focus instead on the most probable root of the problem.

Possible Reasons Why Galaxy S3 Automatically Downloads Apps

Here are the possible root causes of the problem:

  • Automatic updating is on
  • Malware
  • Bugs in the System

How to Fix the Galaxy S3 Auto Download Problem

Here are the possible solutions to the problem where the Galaxy S3 automatically downloads apps:

1. Enter Safe Mode

To check if third-party apps are causing the problem, simply enter Safe Mode and observe if the issue persists. If the problem stops occurring under this mode, then you have just confirmed that one of your third-party apps is causing the issue. Simply locate it and uninstall it.

2. Install Anti-Malware App

Locating the problematic app can be very hard especially if you have numerous apps installed in your phone. One way to speed up your search is by installing an anti-malware app which will automatically remove or block suspicious apps running in your phone.

3. Disable Automatic Updating

Access the settings of your apps and disable their auto-updating features.

4. Factory Reset

If all else fails, a Factory Reset will surely do the trick. This will remove all the changes made by third-party apps to your system files as well as all the corruption that were left behind during the onslaught of the rouge apps. Be warned though that this will also remove all the other stored data in your unit so make sure that you have backed up all the files that you need before considering this course of action.

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