Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Low Wi-Fi Speed Problem

Note 3 Low Wi-Fi Speed

A new email came in about a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 low Wi-Fi speed problem. The message reads, “I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For some reason, I cannot get my Wi-Fi speed to go higher than 54MB. Is there a way to boost the speed of my connection?”

Possible Ways to Fix the Note 3 Low Wi-Fi Speed Issue

Here are some tips that may boost the speed of your Note 3 when browsing the Internet:

1. Disconnect Unused Devices

If there are other devices connected in your Wi-Fi like computer, laptops, tablets or Smartphones, disconnect them whenever they are not in use.

2. Restart Router and Device

Restart your router and Galaxy Note 3. If the connection is still very slow, manually remove the pairing of your device to your router and then register it again. You may also reset the configuration of your router to refresh its settings. After that, register all your devices to your router starting with the Galaxy Note 3.

3. Check Internet Connection

Attempt to connect another device to the router and test if the data transfer is still slow. If the transfer is slower than usual, then, the problem might be in your ISP. Call your network’s Customer/Technical Support Group to report the issue.

4. Check Area for Interference

Thick walls or other radio emitting devices may have a hand in the Note 3 low Wi-Fi speed problem. Get your device closer to the router and see if there is an improvement. Transfer your router in another location as well to test if there are some forms of interference or factors blocking its normal operations in the area where it is situated.

5. Disable Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode

Disabling the Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode is commonly used to solve an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Try deactivating it to test whether it will solve the problem or not. If this fails, put the Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode back to its original settings.

5. Remove Rogue Apps

The problem may stem out from faulty or rogue apps. Start your Note 3 in Safe Mode and check its Internet speed if there is an improvement. If the issue persists, the problem may already be with the hardware, specifically with its antenna. Bring it to an authorized Smartphone or Samsung technician for check-up or repair if this is the case.

But when improvement is seen while in Safe Mode, that means it only has something to do with erratic third-party apps or corrupted system files. These can be easily remedied by performing Factory Reset. Be sure to backup though before this.

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