Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Red Eye Problem

Galaxy Note 2 Red Eye

A new email in Mailbag asks for a solution for the Galaxy Note 2 red eye problem in its pictures. The actual message reads, “I have a Galaxy Note 2. I am facing a problem about the camera that when I take a pic of person at night, the eyes of that person becomes red because of the flash. How can I solve this problem?”

How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Red Eye Problem

After reading some forums dedicated to Android phones, I found out that the Galaxy Note 2 red eye problem is not only limited to Samsung phones but to other Android phones out there. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 User Guide found in the Sprint website does not also mention a red eye reduction option for the phone’s camera.

So, the only way to go about this problem is by installing an app that would let you reduce the red eye in your photos or something that would let you edit the red eye in your images. Some apps that I know of which will let you remove red eye in your photos are PicSay Pro and Red Eye Removal. I personally haven’t tried the mentioned apps, but I read in the feedbacks and some user forums that PicSay Pro works better than the Red Eye Removal app because the latter can be very buggy at times based on the feedbacks of several people who tried it.

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