Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

We recently received an email about a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player problem which reads, “My Adobe Flash Player has been very buggy in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. My videos tend to skip a lot, which I sure haven’t experienced when I was using the earlier Android version. Is this a common issue with the update and is there a way to fix this? Thanks.”

The Causes of the Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

Based on several popular forums I visited like XDA Developers, AndroidCentral and the Adobe Community, the Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player problem is definitely experienced by some users even before updating to Android 4.3. The issue seems to be not only limited to some Samsung devices as a number of Nexus and HTC users have also reported the same problem.

From what I learned from the abovementioned forums and old articles posted by the Adobe AIR and Flash Player Team Blog, it appears to be a compatibility issue. This is due to Google and Adobe simply lacking coordination on this matter ever since the two have withdrawn their support from each other during the second half of 2012.

Alternatives and Solutions for the Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

Citing Adobe’s Team Blog, devices that do not have Flash Player installed after August 15,2012 are likely to experience compatibility issues. Devices running 4.1 and above are also prone to glitches. Adobe team suggested downloading Adobe AIR which is a substitute for the Flash Player.

Going back to the several forums I visited, a number of contributors said that Flash Player still works without problem in Firebox, Puffin and Dolphin browsers. It seems to work also on the Boat browser but there were some Nexus 7 users claiming that they are having issues with it.

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