Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Contacts, Drips and Texts

Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Contacts, Drips and Texts

An email recently came in through Mailbag about the Galaxy Note 2 duplicate contacts, duplicate notifications from the Drippler app and even text messages.

Here is the exact message:

“I have a Galaxy Note 2. When I receive text messages, sometimes I will get them in twos or I will get a text, acknowledge it, and then get it again a few minutes later after I have already responded. I also have Drippler and everytime I get a drip it comes in twos. My contacts are also in twos can you help? Thanks.”

This is definitely a very peculiar problem when looked into as a whole because it affects not just the contacts but all other applications of the phone as well. Although the problems appear to be interrelated to each other due to their features, our research has not yielded such finding.

Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Contacts

According to CNET, the Galaxy Note 2 duplicate contacts is merely a result of the continuous synchronization of Google to the account that you have registered in its server. You can easily eliminate duplicates by utilizing Google’s deduping feature.

To do it, simply access your computer, open your Google account (the same account used on your phone) and head to your contacts. Select the More button where you will see the “Find and merge duplicates” option. Just select the option to solve your problem.

Alternatively, you can also use apps from Play Store such as Duplicate Contacts to automatically merge your Galaxy Note 2 duplicate contacts.

Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Drips

Unfortunately, this one is a known bug in the Drippler app itself based on a WonderHowTo article and other online forums. So, there’s really nothing we can do about it. The only possible solution for this is to update the app when a fix for the bug is released by its developers.

Galaxy Note 2 Duplicate Text Messages

This is another common problem experienced by many Smartphone users which usually stems from poor network reception on the side of the sender or the receiver.

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