Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Automatically Switches to Roaming

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Automatically Switches to Roaming

One reader sent us a question through The Droid Guy Mailbag that says, “I have a unique problem. My Galaxy Note 2 automatically switches to roaming even when I haven’t moved out of my home network. I have tried to manually search networks and tried all settings however the moment I choose my mobile operator, Airtel , it puts me on roaming. I have written to the technical help desk team in Airtel india however they have expressed their inability to deal with this issue. I have recently upgraded to 4.3 in India. Please do suggest what should be done to fix this issue.”

Solution to a Galaxy Note 2 that Automatically Switches to Roaming

Here are the possible solutions to the issue:

1. Switch the Roaming Network to Home Only

According to the AndroidCentral forum, if the Galaxy Note 2 automatically switches to roaming, all you have to do is set its Roaming Network to Home Only.

  • Open Apps.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select More Networks under the Network Connections menu.
  • Access Roaming.
  • Choose Roaming Network
  • From the options provided, set the network to Home Only by tapping the radio button next to it.
  • By default, the Roaming Network should be Automatic. But if you have found it set under Home Only, select Automatic and put it back to Home Only.
  • If a warning message shows up every time you set the roaming option. Simply, tap the OK button each time the notification comes out to confirm your action.

2. Perform Factory Reset

Several users have reported various glitches in their devices after updating to the most recent version of their operating system. Most of them were able to solve the problems that have stemmed out from the update by performing a Factory Reset.

Be sure to back up your device before doing this though and do this only after trying out all possible solutions to the problem that you are currently encountering.

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