Samsung could launch a 10.5 inch AMOLED tablet at CES 2014

Samsung AMOLEDA rumor yesterday claimed that Samsung was looking to launch four new Android tablets before Q1 2014 and according to a report which has surfaced today, the first of these tablets could be unveiled during the CES event in early January. This tablet will reportedly have a 10.5 inch AMOLED display, making it the biggest consumer grade tablet launched by Samsung so far.

Displays on previous Samsung Galaxy Tabs have only been up to 10.1 inches in size, so this could certainly be something to look forward to. The report emerges from Korean sources ET News, which goes onto state that Samsung will market this tablet aggressively so that there’s no repeat of 2011 where the 7.7 inch Galaxy Tab with an AMOLED display failed to have any impact on the tablet industry.

Marketing has always been Samsung’s strength and it will leave no stone unturned to make this new tablet a success. The company recently started mass production of large sized AMOLED panels giving rise to rumors of numerous AMOLED display based tablets launching in 2014.

Source: ET News – Translated

Via: Sam Mobile