Samsung believed to be mass producing 8 and 10 inch AMOLED panels, first AMOLED tablet to launch in April?

Samsung DisplayAlthough Samsung is known for its large sized devices, there haven’t been any high quality displays being used in its tablets. Samsung’s lineup of flagship smartphones have all featured AMOLED panels, but it was simply not possible to manufacture a bigger AMOLED panel, say for a tablet or a notebook. But those days will soon be behind us as the Korean manufacturer is already mass producing 8 and 10 inch AMOLED panels in its production units with full fledged devices set to launch by April 2014. This will give Samsung a considerable edge over the competition as most tablet displays we see today are LCDs, which while having its own advantages, is quite behind compared to an AMOLED. This will also mean that Samsung will become a more serious player in the tablet industry come 2014, which could cause some concern for Apple which currently rules the roost with its iPads. These AMOLED display tablets will reportedly launch along with the Galaxy S5 flagship which has been rumored for an April release. As it’s only the display we know about for now, it’s hard to predict the kind of hardware these devices would pack, so we’ll wait until we hear more from Samsung. But 2014 could certainly be a big year for Android tablet OEMs, especially Samsung.

Source: Naver – Translated

Via: Android Beat