Samsung applies for a Comfort Zone patent to make using large devices easier

Comfort Zone SamsungSamsung is known for all the large sized smartphones that it launches (the Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Mega series and so on). Large displays can actually be quite a hindrance for people as it is almost impossible to reach the top or the bottom of the smartphone with the thumb. And a new patent filing by Samsung appears to fix just that and is known as “Comfort Zone“.

The images accompanied in the patent filing show that this is ideally suited for large screened devices where it’s quite an effort to reach the top of the screen to slide down the notifications bar. We think this Comfort Zone feature will be user defined, which means that a user can set an ideal swiping zone so that the notifications bar can be reached using just one thumb.

Comfort Zone PatentThe details are very scarce at this moment, so we’re not sure when Samsung will implement this whole idea with its future smartphones. Maybe we could see a hint of this in the upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship. Since it will be software based, we can expect Samsung to patch this in with the newest iteration of the TouchWiz UI.

Source: Galaxy Club – Translated

Via: Android Guys