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Samsung and Nokia Top New JD Power Survey

jd power survey

In the most recent JD Power Survey centered on mobile phone consumer satisfaction, Samsung and Nokia were tied in the top position. According to PhoneArena, the JD Power survey was conducted among 1,929 owners of feature phones in the market and who have owned their devices for less than a year. The study was conducted between February and August of 2013.

The criteria for scoring was based on performance, ease of use, design and features.

For the result, Samsung and Nokia each received a rating of 743 based on a 1,000-point scale. LG follows third with 732 while Pantech tails behind it with a 721 score. Motorola also made it in the major listing with 719 points and Sanyo gained 716.

Impact of the JD Power Survey on Future Smartphone Sales

Despite the JD Power survey not including Smartphones, the brands which were positioned on top of the study, particularly Samsung and Nokia, will surely benefit from it in their Smartphone sales. It just goes to show that their products are well-received by consumers due to their salient features and high-grade performance.

In addition, the JD Power survey will also help major Smartphone companies to determine the factors that consumers are seeking in a handheld communication device as well as the major factors that influence their purchasing habits.

Other Key Findings in the JD Power Survey

The JD Power survey also yielded the following information from the respondents:

  • Ease of use is the key factor that influenced the scores given by consumers.
  • 49% of customers who text at least 30 times within two days state that they are considering to switch to a different mobile phone or Smartphone within the next 12 months.
  • 32% of customers who text less than 10 times within a span of two days say that they are considering to transfer to a different mobile phone or Smartphone.
  • Those who text less than 10 times in two days gave higher satisfaction scores with an average of 740 as opposed to the rating of 725 given by those who text more than 30 times in two days.
  • 57% of the consumers base their decision to buy a mobile phone in the cost of the product.
  • 15% of the consumers pay more attention to the features of the mobile phone when buying.
  • 14% of the respondents say that they choose their mobile phones based on style or design.
  • Overall customer satisfaction with mobile devices is 735.

Sources: PhoneArena, JD Power

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