S Note Failure Message in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Note Failure Message in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The good thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s S Note app is that it will let you keep a written record of your various activities whenever you are. But what if an S Note failure message starts appearing randomly or in a frequent manner?

A case submitted to us through The Droid Guy Mailbag reads, “Hi, there seems to be an issue in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S Note app. Whenever I am trying to add image to the new or old Note, I am getting an error message.¬† Really feeling bad for this as use S Note extensively to record various office related activities.¬† Kindly help me on this.”

How to Fix the S Note Failure Message

Upon doing my research about this problem, I stumbled across a similar case in the AndroidCentral forum. According to one contributor in the forum, the issue can be easily fixed through the settings of the phone.

To do this, simply go to the Settings menu. Then, proceed to Developer Options. From there, locate the option that says, “Do not keep activities.” Make sure it is unchecked. If by chance it is already unchecked when you found it, simply check and uncheck it again. After that, try testing if the S Note failure message still occurs.

Based on the majority of feedbacks in the forum, unchecking the option will solve the issue. However, one user said that putting a check in the option when it is found unchecked can also fix the problem. So, if the first method does not work, it may not hurt to try the alternative.

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Source: AndroidCentral

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  1. Samsung Note 2. I get messages, but the tone advising message does not sound. have Message set to “Harmonics” and volume is set to high on the message line.

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