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[Rumor] Samsung and LG Interested in Equipping Future Devices with Fingerprint Scanners

Long before high end Android devices started sporting a fingerprint scanner, other feature phones had experimented on this addition but unfortunately it didn’t pick up due to the limited applications on a feature phone.  It now appears that we will see more and more devices with fingerprint scanners as it is reported that Samsung and LG are planning to equip the hardware in their future devices.


FingerpFingerprint Scannerrint Cards, a Swedish company that obviously makes fingerprint scanners for mobile and other devices say that Samsung is going to launch either one or two devices with fingerprint scanners soon and another seven or eight companies including LG are planning to adopt the technology in 2014 in various devices.  Does this mean fingerprint scanners are widely being accepted as the solution to smartphone and tablet security and privacy issues?

If the report is true, it won’t be long before we have fingerprint scanners as a standard security feature in all smartphones including high end and budget ones.  Samsung, LG and Huawei are said to be in the process of implementing the technology and may be releasing devices with fingerprint scanners to be an added layer of security besides the traditional features such as lock screen patterns and unlock codes.

Fingerprint Cards is a Swedish company that Apple once tried to acquire but was later acquired by AuthenTec.  The company has been in the news just a couple of weeks ago after a leaked press release, which later turned out not to be from the company, leaked that Samsung had acquired it for over $650 million.  The press released triggered quite a stir in the technology world, even driving the stock prices of the company.

With the rate technology is evolving, fingerprint scanners using different scanning technology than those introduced a decade ago may be the ultimate smartphone lock device but it is unclear how much it costs and how the technology can be effectively implemented especially when it comes to sensors and software environments.  Let’s hope Samsung’s next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 will come with one.

It is great that companies are embracing the fingerprint technology, with HTC, Pantech and Vivo being among the latest to launch high end Android devices with fingerprint scanners already.

Source: Android Community

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