ROM Manager app removed from the Play Store over in-app purchasing issues

ROM ManagerGoogle has removed the ROM Manager app from the Google Play Store citing issues with PayPal payments. For those unaware, ROM Manager is one of the most widely used custom recovery applications available in the Play Store. It comes from renowned developer Koush who is also affiliated with the CyanogenMod team. Sadly for Koush, Google gave him a deadline of six weeks to update the payment system for those willing to buy a pro license of the app.

In its current arrangement, the app still relies on PayPal which is quite an old payment system as new in-app purchases need to go through Google, and since PayPal works independently of Google, this was a clear violation of Google’s terms and conditions. Koush has promised that a resolution is on its way soon, so we don’t expect this deadlock between the developer and Google to last long. Current users will have no problem using the app, but there will be no updates or patches to the app until Google lifts the suspension.

Source: Koushik Dutta – Google+

Via: Talk Android

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