ROM Manager app makes its way back to the Google Play Store

ROM ManagerWe recently heard about the ROM Manager app being removed from the Google Play Store due to the lack of a Google authorized in-app purchasing (IAP) system. The developer (Koush) has figured out a solution for the issue over the weekend as the app is finally back up in the Play Store. It has hardly taken a few days since the issue broke out for Koush to patch things up with Google, which is always great coming from a developer. Users now willing to purchase the Pro license of ROM Manager will be directed to the Play Store rather than having to pay through PayPal.

It was rather unfortunate that the app was taken down just four weeks after the notice was sent by Google, while the deadline period was six weeks. But Koushik Dutta would like to put this behind him as the issue has been finally resolved. Some other apps from the developer were taken down for the same issue, which have now been fixed accordingly, so we can say this issue has seen a happy ending. You can find the working Play Store link for the ROM Manager app below.

Source: Play Store

Via: Android Community


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