Rezence Wireless Charging Standard Doesn’t Need Charging Pads, Uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE

When speaking of wireless charging technology there are currently two competing standards. One is the Wireless Power Consortium which develops and licenses Qi. Then there’s the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) which was formed over a year ago. A4WP is not a brand that can easily be remembered which is why the group announced its consumer brand which is known as Rezence.

According to the A4WP website “Rezence is a mature wireless power standard based on magnetic resonance, offering superior flexibility and benefits versus first-generation wireless charging standards.”

One of the main problems of first generation wireless charging technologies is that devices have to be positioned carefully on a charging pad for it to work. It has a limited range and is not flexible enough to handle various power requirements such as charging a tablet and smartphone simultaneously.

Rezence aims to resolve these issues by offering a better wireless charging alternative. Some of the benefits consumers will get are as follows.

  • Superior charging range: A superior charging range allowing for a true drop and go charging experience, through almost any surface and through objects such as books and clothing.
  • Multi-device charging: Ability to charge multiple devices with different power requirements at the same time, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Ready for the real world: Charging surfaces powered by Rezence will operate in the presence of metallic objects such as keys, coins, and utensils, making it an ideal choice for automotive, retail, and kitchen applications.
  • Bluetooth communication: Uses existing Bluetooth Smart technology, minimizing the manufacturer’s hardware requirements, as well as opening the door for future, Smart Charging Zones.

One interesting vision of the A4WP is the development of smart charging zones. These are places that allows for wirelessly charging of devices as well as other value added services such as gaming, advertising, peer to peer data sharing, mobile payments, and other location based services.

There are currently several big name companies who support Rezence such as HTC, Intel, LG, Samsung, and Qualcomm just to name a few.

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