How to resolve Air Jump feature Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S4

Elaborated in this article is one of the available means to resolve an issue regarding the Air Jump feature not working properly on Samsung Galaxy S4 device. This is in respond to the questions raised by some users who are having the same problem with this feature.

NOTE: One possible cause of the Air Jump functionality not working on your device is likely because the feature itself is not enabled. So, before attempting to do anything, be sure to see if Air Jump is actually enabled in your device.

Here’s how to access the Air Gestures settings and see if the Air Jump function is ON or Enabled:

1. Locate and touch the Menu icon from the Home screen. This will let you see a list of its sub-menus.

2. Choose Settings to continue.

3. Under the Settings sub-menu, locate and touch My Device to get to the next screen.

4. Locate and touch Motions and Gestures. After touching the Motions and Gestures option, you should see the ON-OFF slider.

5. To turn the feature on, touch the slider next to Air Gestures.

7. After turning the slider ON, touch Air Gesture and try to access specific gestures.

8. You should see the ON-OFF slider next to Air Jump. Touch to turn it ON. It should enable the function.

9. To see if the Air Gesture is already enabled, try testing the feature using one of its supported applications including Quick Glance, Air Browse, Air Call-Accept, Air Move and Air Jump. Everything should work well as it should.

In case, the Air Jump feature still won’t work even if it is already enabled, try to test the sensor of your device. It is very likely that the problem is triggered by certain issues associated with the device sensor. In this case, you would need to try another means to troubleshoot sensor problems then.

Air Jump is one of the supported features of Air View. Air View is also among the newly improved features entrenched in the new Samsung Galaxy S4 device. Using a finger, you can hover over certain items to have an overview of what’s in them without the need to open.

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