Report claims the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t come with a flexible display panel

Galaxy S5Rumors over the past several weeks have offered various theories on what new display innovation Samsung plans to unveil with the Galaxy S5. Those rumors became slightly more one dimensional after the Galaxy Round was unveiled with Samsung’s Full HD curved AMOLED panel. But a new report from Korea now suggests that the Galaxy S5 will not feature a flexible OLED panel, but instead will sport a standard AMOLED or LCD panel as originally rumored. Given that Samsung’s flexible display smartphone was just an experiment, we’re not surprised by this revelation.

The report further claims that Samsung’s flexible display smartphones will become more streamlined as Samsung speeds up manufacturing next year. So we might get to see a separate Galaxy flagship for the company to showcase its latest flexible display tech every year. But will Samsung really launch a third flagship every year after the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series? Only time will tell, but we shouldn’t be surprised if Samsung decides to incorporate the flexible display panels with the Galaxy Note 4 next year.

Source: Korea Herald

Via: Sam Mobile