Quick Recap on Fixing the Galaxy Note 3 Unstable WiFi Connection

Galaxy Note 3 Unstable WiFi

Last October, we published a way to fix the Galaxy Note 3 unstable WiFi connection problem in the article titled “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 WiFi Keeps On Dropping”.

Among the solutions suggested in the previous post are disabling the Auto Connect option of the device and installing the OTA update rolled out by Samsung to international versions of the phone.

More Solutions Advised by Users

One commenter in the original post named Kevin, suggested manually adding the Galaxy Note 3 to the WiFi router’s connected devices. He even went as far as to reenter all the other devices connected to it. Then, he confirmed that the solution worked for him.

Another commenter, Bob McShane, shared that turning off the “Auto Network Switch” option  solved the issue. This can be accessed using the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select WiFi
  • Open the Menu
  • Choose Advanced
  • From there, you should see Auto Network Switch

Adelino Gaspar, one of our readers, also sent his experience with the Galaxy Note 3 unstable WiFi connection through Mailbag. In his email, he shared that his phone’s WiFi kept on dropping despite other devices in its immediate vicinity getting a strong signal. It should be noted too that he just bought his phone just a week ago. He immediately brought back his phone to his dealer where it was found out that there was a problem with his proximity sensors. As a result, he got a replacement and never got to experience the same problem again with his new device.

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2 Replies to “Quick Recap on Fixing the Galaxy Note 3 Unstable WiFi Connection”

  1. I can’t find that menu.. when I dial #0011# I get “unable to process request” – I contacted Samsung and all of them keep telling there is no such feature on this device, which to me sounds strange as I have seen many others suggesting the same thing.

  2. Also found my speeds improved by turning off wifi power saving mode. *#0011# from the dialer then menu, and wifi.

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