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Official CyanogenMod case launched for the Nexus 5


Between taking big steps towards making their own smartphones and becoming a veritable force in the mobile market, the CyanogenMod team has taken some time off to launch an official CyanogenMod case for the Nexus 5. Built in conjunction with CruzerLite, the case comes with CyanogenMod’s “cid” logo on the back, and should be a great way for users to show support for Android’s most revered custom ROM. 

The case has been designed by a CM community member, Asher Simonds, who’s also responsible for the Nexus Experience pattern wallpapers in CyanogenMod. The case is priced pretty cheap at $14.90 and can be ordered in black, smoke, clear and teal colors; CyanogenMod hasn’t mentioned if a case is in the works for other Nexus devices, but if the Nexus 5 case becomes popular enough, it’s possible CruzerLite will be willing to extend the partnership for other popular devices (Nexus as well as those devices that see active development) in the future.

Order the case from the links below, and show the CM team some love (and perhaps make a request for a case for other devices) at the source link!

Buy Nexus 5 CM Case: Black | Smoke | Clear | Teal

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