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Off contract Verizon DROID Maxx now selling for $449.99

Motorola DROID MaxxJust as we reported on Verizon’s Moto X deal, the carrier has just slashed pricing off another top end smartphone. The Motorola DROID Maxx which is known to have the best battery life for a smartphone of its size, has now received a $50 price reduction on the off contract variant. Previously priced at $499.99, the DROID Maxx can now be bought sans contract for just $449.99.

Interestingly, this price reduction makes the smartphone even cheaper than the off contract Moto X ($499.99) which is slightly smaller and packs a substantially smaller battery, so the DROID Maxx is certainly the smartphone to get while this deal lasts. If you’re looking to get the DROID Maxx on contract, it will cost you $149.99 now which isn’t a lot either to be honest. The fact that the DROID Maxx is selling for a cheaper price than the off contract Moto X is enough reason to get one, especially considering the difference in hardware between the two smartphones.

Source: Verizon

Via: Droid-Life

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