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New Type-C USB connnector could replace standard micro USB connectors next year

Lightning USBIf you have used Apple’s Lightning connectors, you will notice that it can be plugged in both ways unlike standard micro USB connectors. Something like this could soon be the standard for all devices in the future as part of a USB connector refresh. This “Type-C” connector will reportedly be developed and finalized in mid 2014, so we can expect devices in late 2014 or early 2015 to feature this new port and connector.

It is being said that even computers and notebooks will feature this same port, so users will not need to have a cable with a full sized USB port and the small one as both connectors will reportedly be the same size on either ends. This is ideal for the current generation of USB cables which predominantly features a fat full sized USB end and a standard micro USB end. So not only will these connectors enter the port in any orientation, but they will also be more uniform, which is great news for all tech fans. However, it’s still quite a distance away, at least from appearing on Android smartphones as it is yet to be finalized.


Via: Pocketnow

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