New report claims the Samsung Galaxy S5 will sport a metal body in all likelihood

Galaxy S5 Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S5 sporting a metal chassis have been making the rounds for quite some time now, and most notable among these rumors surfaced earlier last week when we saw the alleged metal casing of the upcoming Samsung flagship. A new report now claims that these reports are indeed true and the Galaxy S5 in a metal body is almost a certainty. The company is reportedly receiving over 30 million metal casings from Taiwanese manufacturer Catcher, while the rest will be supplied by fellow Taiwanese manufacturer Ju Teng and BYD from China. It’s all a rumor of course and we can’t say for sure until Samsung officially unveils the smartphone, but it seems like the Korean manufacturer will budge to widespread criticism it has faced with its smartphones over the last few years.

While one might argue that having a polycarbonate or plastic body decreases the weight of the handset substantially, customers might not necessarily mind having a slightly heavier smartphone with a metal exterior given that the smartphone would have a premium look and feel. We’ll follow this story more closely and update you with information as we have more on it.

Source: EMS/ODM

Via: Sam Mobile