Mystery Samsung SM-T331 Slate Surfaces in India, Is It a Super AMOLED-Toting Galaxy Tab 4?

Samsung is allegedly getting serious about tablets (not a day too soon), with an even bigger emphasis on affordability on the one hand, and at least one higher-end candidate at iPad’s throne on the other. The latter is expected out and about by April with Super AMOLED screen and, though it’s probably too early to call it, we may have caught a glimpse of it while visiting India on an R&D tour.


The research and development-bound SM-T331 has raised a few eyebrows when it was perused by the folks over at Zauba, carrying as far as I can tell a so far uncharted model number. Sadly, the Indian import tracking authority wasn’t able to get any kind of scoop on the tab’s specs and features, so all we have is that cryptic moniker and a value estimate.

Plenty to make a few educated guesses, mind you, as there’s no way we’re looking at a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite version. Its per unit cost is approximated at roughly $550 (Rs. 33,884), so make no mistake, this is a top-shelf, luxurious thing.


And if you’ll allow a wild guess, it’s likely a new generation Galaxy Tab 4. This year’s GTab 3 7.0 had an SM-T210 alias, the Tab 3 8.0 is alternatively known as SM-T310, SM-T311 and SM-T315, so it makes perfect sense for an evolved, upgraded variant to get an SM-T331 pseudonym.

Now the million-dollar question is whether it’s an 8 or 10-incher. A 7-incher looks like a long shot based on that hefty value, but I’m afraid that’s all the conclusions I’m ready to jump to. For now, as I bet there’ll be new, exciting developments to the story before long.

Can you picture it? A vibrant-looking Galaxy Tab 4 with Super AMOLED panel, maybe octa-core speed or at least quad-core Snapdragon 800 and 2 or 3 GB RAM? Be afraid, Apple, be very, very afraid, as Samsung is coming after you… again.

Via [Zauba]