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Motorola sending out emails to its “favorite customers” with $150 discount coupon

Moto XMotorola has offered multiple promotions this month, the most recent of which gave a $150 discount on the off contract variant of the Moto X as part of the Daily Show promotion. A week before that, Motorola offered the same discount on the smartphone through its extended Cyber Monday promotions. The company is now offering a very similar deal, but not for everybody. According to mails sent out by Motorola to its “favorite customers“, the company is once again offering a $150 discount on the off contract variant of the Moto X.

Luckily, Motorola has also attached coupon codes with the mail so that the users don’t have to wait for them additionally. While some codes have already expired at midnight today, Motorola could be sending a fresh batch of coupon codes for customers who missed out on any earlier promotions. The mail also contains a neat looking snowflake GIF made up of Moto X handsets.

From the looks of it, one can make out that Motorola is trying its hardest to push the sales of the handset despite selling out of inventory during previous promotions. It is clear that there is plenty of demand for the smartphone, especially if the pricing is brought down to $350 and $400. Let us know in the comments below if you have any coupon codes, it’s the season of sharing after all.

Via: Droid-Life

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