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Cyber Monday: Motorola runs out of inventory of the Moto X within 10 minutes, again

Moto XIn an almost repeat of what happened on Wednesday, the off contract Moto X being sold through the Moto Maker site has sold out within a matter of minutes. Just as we warned you earlier to get there before anyone else, the device has gone out of stock before most people got a chance, which was much expected. Motorola was offering the off contract Moto X with a flat $150 discount to users lucky enough to have gone through with the process.

The smartphone clearly is one of the best bang for the buck devices out there and as Motorola slashed the prices as part of its extended Cyber Monday deals, it was inevitable that the demand would surge to such an extent. Unfortunately for the ones who missed out, this was the only chance to get the smartphone off contract for that cheap, so this will be very disappointing. However, with the holiday season approaching and the kind of demand there has been for the Moto X, we might just see a new deal for the off contract customized Moto X. It’s the holidays after all, so anything can happen.

Via: Android Community

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