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Motorola Project Ara is Nearly Complete

project ara

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola, confirmed this weekend that the Project Ara prototype is nearing its final stage according to Slash Gear. If this is true, then, it would present Motorola’s customers new customization options for their Smartphones.

What is Project Ara?

Project Ara is a collaboration between Motorola and 3D Systems, which is a known provider of 3D content-to-print solutions. Its aim is to produce Phonebloks which are modular Smartphones with components that can be easily replaced or assembled like the popular Lego toys.

Phonebloks Advantages

Primarily, the Phoneblocks under Project Ara would provide consumers numerous ways to customize their Smartphones into something that would exactly tailor to their requirements and needs instead of settling with the ones that the market offers today that are usually packed with features that average users may find to be too much for their preferences. Aside from the numerous customization options that these provide, these would also offer consumers ways to save a lot of money.

One of the main problems that Smartphone users are experiencing today is the quick wear and tear of the components of their devices. This usually force consumers to buy new phones almost yearly. But with Phonebloks, instead of replacing the whole unit, users will have the option to replace only the defective part.

Another good thing about Phonebloks is that it allows the easy installation of crucial hardware updates too which current Smartphones do not offer as of the moment. For example, users can easily switch between a device with Wi-Fi or SIM only features. They can even opt for a device with both features by simply snapping the required components.

The Release

Although Project Ara was announced to be near completion, there is no word yet about the release of Phonebloks in the market. It seems to be a long shot as of the moment. But based on the promises that the project has in store for consumers, it will be definitely worth the long wait.

Source: Slash Gear

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