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Motorola CEO Issues Apology Over the Cyber Monday Event

Dennis Woodside apologizes over Cyber Monday Event

After a serious hype about the Cyber Monday event and getting Motorola fans excited about it, the MotoMaker site offering the discounted unlocked Moto X crashed due to the influx of people who wanted to take advantage of the offer (see the full report about the unlocked Moto X sale).

To save face, Motorola, through its CEO Dennis Woodside, immediately issued an apology to those who were affected (or should we say fuming customers who got their excitement crushed).

In the press release of Motorola, published via DroidLife, Woodside started with an apology and he pointed out several shortcomings on their part in the conduct of the Cyber Monday event.

First, he stated that they “misjudged the overwhelming demand” for the Moto X. He said that the amount of people who rushed to buy the unit was far greater than what they have anticipated earlier on.

Second, he placed the blame on their MotoMaker customization engine. He explained that the pre-sale testing that they conducted was not extensive enough. Their tests failed to reveal the major flaws of the engine when processing huge number or simultaneous orders.

The Motorola CEO confirmed that although orders were filled, the instability of the site prevented them from getting processed successfully. So, no one in particular was able to buy the unit during the sale.

Woodside promised that they have already arrived at a solution to the issue about processing concurrent orders and he assured that it is already being implemented in order to prevent the Cyber Monday event mishap from happening again.

Lastly, he assured that the MotoMaker website will be open for regular business this Tuesday (December 3). Then, he reminded customers that there will be another sale of the unlocked Moto X on Wednesday (December 4) and on Monday (December 9) as we have reported earlier.

Source: DroidLife

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