More Effective Battery Calibration Techniques

battery calibration techniques

A new email came in from one of our readers named Dave suggesting more effective battery calibration techniques which can be used to solve various issues related to the inaccurate battery reading of Smartphone or tablet devices.

Here are the battery calibration techniques shared to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag:

1. Completely Drain the Device’s Residual Power

Let the device drain out its charge until it powers off on its own. To make sure that it is completely drained, keep turning the device on and let it shut back down on its own. Repeat the process until the device can no longer power on. Hold the power button for at least five seconds to be absolutely sure that its battery is completely empty.

2. Charge the Battery to 100% and Keep Charging for Another 10 Minutes

The reason for the extra charging time is because the battery readouts on many devices gets rounded up or down. So, at a 99.5% charge, the battery charge reading gets rounded up and reads as being 100% charged, even though it is not actually fully charged yet. Remember not to unplug the device from the power source throughout the process.

3. Use a Battery Calibration App

Install and run a reliable battery calibration app such as the one from NeMa, which can be downloaded via Google Play store. The operation of each app may vary so be sure to check and follow the instructions provided by its developer.

Basically most battery calibration apps such as the one from NeMa deletes the battery file in the phone’s system and forces the device to create a new one to automatically recalibrate it.


Batteries should be completely drained and fully charged every couple of months. After that, tablet or Smartphone battery calibration should only be necessary if there is a problem like the ones in our previous articles, but it should always be done after any ROM updates or changes.

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Again, thanks to Dave for contributing his battery calibration techniques.

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