Microsoft’s OneNote Android app updated with new widget, improved sharing


With Windows Phone failing to capture the market as well as Microsoft had hoped, and with mobile becoming the tour de force in the computing market, the Redmond company has been focusing on offering its services on competing mobile operating systems. Microsoft released OneNote on Android earlier this year, and now Microsoft has pushed out a major update that brings numerous platform-specific features to its note-taking app.

The update adds a new widget that displays recently taken notes on the homescreen, while allowing users to add pages, sections, or complete notebooks. Android’s sharing functionality is perhaps one of its strongest features, and users can now add things like web page links and screenshots to OneNote simply by selecting the Share option in an app and hitting the “Add to OneNote” button. Another major feature is one that’s specific to Samsung devices – with the latest update, OneNote supports Samsung’s Multi-Window functionality, which will allow it to be run side-by-side (or top-to-bottom) with other apps.

The update also adds rendering and keyboard input improvements, and overall makes OneNote a much better app than it was when it initially launched. Grab the new version from the Play Store, and let us know if the new features are good enough to turn OneNote into your primary note-taking app.