Meizu MX4G will reportedly pack a 5.5 inch 2K resolution display

Meizu MX4GJust as customers get accustomed to their 1080p displays, Chinese manufacturers are looking for the next big thing already. We recently heard of the Vivo Xplay 3S smartphone, packing a 5.5 inch 2K (2560×1440) resolution display. And today we have another Chinese manufacturer Meizu following suit with a similar smartphone of its own. According to the CEO of the company, it is working on a smartphone with the same dimensions and a resolution of 2560×1536 in competition to the Vivo Xplay 3S and most certainly the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

This smartphone will be reportedly known as the Meizu MX4G, and will feature 4G LTE connectivity as the name indicates. The pixel density of the display is well beyond 500ppi, which is more pixels than the human eye can handle, but ideal for a large screened device. Considering that LG is supplying the 5.5 inch 2K panels for the Vivo Xplay 3S, we won’t be surprised if the Korean manufacturer has something of its own to show off in the near future. For the time being though, the Vivo Xplay 3S is the undisputed winner of the pixel density race, but for how long?

Source: CTech – Translated

Via: Phone Arena