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LG unveils Pocket Photo 2.0 printer in colorful variants

Pocket Photo 2.0 LG has just unveiled the Pocket Photo 2.0 device which is its second gen portable photo printing device. It’s not like the Polaroid cameras of old as it cannot capture images on its own, but will require an Android or an iOS device with Bluetooth to print images. However, with the amount of smartphones and tablets increasing in number, the Pocket Photo 2.0 appears to be an excellent solution for quick photo printouts at parties or other social functions. The Pocket Photo 2.0 is also compatible with NFC devices.

Following in its predecessors footsteps, the Smart Photo 2.0 will use an inkless technology to print photos and will feature a companion app on Android and iOS devices to make printing of photos easier with editing added into the mix as well. But unlike the predecessor, the Pocket Photo 2.0 comes in three different colors, thus not compromising on the looks one bit.

This portable photo printer is formally available in China at the moment, but LG will reportedly announce global availability after its formal unveiling during the CES next week.

Source: LG

Via: Android Community

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