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LG LifeBand Touch fitness accessory spotted in a new image

LG LifeBand Touch

We recently spoke about LG’s plans to launch a Smartwatch and a fitness accessory during the MWC. Evleaks has now revealed a picture the LG LifeBand Touch which appears to be a fitness accessory from the Korean manufacturer with an attractive design. It looks very eye catching and has raised speculation about a CES time launch, which could be ideal given the massive platform the event provides for product launches. However, previous rumors have indicated that LG will wait until the MWC to launch the fitness accessory as well as the smartwatch, so we are a little skeptical at the moment.

Nevertheless, it’s good news that we have a glimpse of what LG will showcase soon before it hits markets worldwide. The fitness band looks relatively thicker than conventional fitness watches like FitBit or the Nike+ FuelBand. It will be interesting to see if LG will make this compatible with iOS devices as well, given the sort of marketshare enjoyed by iPhones. But LG’s key target will be the Android audience, particularly the ones who are looking to get their fitness on track. And if LG manages to price the LifeBand Touch appropriately, it could be a massive success. We should get to see the LifeBand Touch in action soon, hopefully during the CES event next week.

Source: @evleaks – Twitter

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