LG could launch the G Arch smartwatch and G Health fitness accessory at MWC 2014

LGLG is ever eager to venture into unknown territory and experiment with innovative products, as it did with the G Flex smartphone very recently. A report now claims that the Korean manufacturer could be looking to tap into the wearables or smartwatch/accessory segment as well. Korean media reports peg this accessory to make its way to the market after its rumored announcement during the MWC 2014 in February, so this could be the company’s way of answering critics of conventional smartwatches and fitness accessories.

While the G Arch is your standard smartwatch, the LG G Health is reportedly a fitness accessory more like an armband (similar to Fitbit and other alternatives). The timing of this report is interesting as only yesterday we heard about Samsung’s Galaxy Band which is also reportedly a fitness band to keep track of workouts, runs etc.

So we might see both manufacturers launching these devices in tandem, which is always good for the market. Hopefully, the G Health and the G Arch smartwatch will be compatible with non-LG smartphones/tablets as well, since the company simply doesn’t have the marketshare to pull off an “exclusive” device. As this is only a rumor, there’s no word on the specifications of the two devices, but we’re hoping to know more along the way.

Source: Daum – Translated

Via: Phone Arena