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Leaked screenshot reveals some new Sony Xperia model numbers

Sony XperiaIt is well known that Sony currently has quite a few devices in the pipeline with the CES event nearing. CES has historically been Sony’s favorite time of the year to launch devices, so it is almost obvious that there will be some new devices launched during the course of the event. Today, the folks over at Xperia Blog have managed to uncover some new model numbers of mystery Xperia devices, which includes the never before seen Xperia Tablet Z LTE bearing the model number SGP521.

Other model numbers like the D2005 and the D2105 could well be mid-range devices or the successors to the Xperia Z and the ZL which were launched at the CES earlier this year. There are a few other model numbers as you can see from the image above, so we might see a plethora of devices launching during Sony’s event at CES. However, it is being said that Sony might evenly divide the launch of its handsets for CES and the MWC respectively, which is a good call and will avoid confusion as well.

Source: Xperia Blog

Via: Talk Android

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