Last minute Holiday shopping guide – Smartphones and Tablets

Holiday Season Shopping
So Christmas is almost here and if you’re one of those shoppers who has waited till the last minute to find a suitable and appropriate gift for your loved ones, look no further as we have compiled a list of the best deals currently running through major online retailers. Not only will this help you avoid the embarrassment of not doing your shopping in time, but also a bit of money, which is always a bonus during the holiday season. Starting with smartphones, you can get Samsung’s premier flagship of the year – the Galaxy S4 for a mere $0.01 (yeah just for a penny) through Amazon. This will require you to sign a 2 year contract with Verizon Wireless, but that’s certainly not much of a hindrance considering what you’re getting. Upgrading customers will still have to shell out $49.99 though, so this deal makes sense only if you’re adding a new line or signing up with Verizon for the first time. Amazon is offering both White and Black variants under this promotion. If you’re looking for more options, you can head over to our dedicated smartphone deals page and have your pick.

Well if smartphones are not your thing, you might be interested in gifting a decent tablet this Christmas. We’ve got that covered in our tablet deals page, where you can find different tablets ranging from the Kindle Fire HDX to the Apple iPad Mini with great bargains this holiday season. So if you have been late with the shopping this year, don’t fret as you can get all these devices just in time for the holiday season and save face (and money too!).

Merry Christmas!