Key Solution to Lock Screen Widgets NOT Displaying on Samsung Galaxy S4, Older Devices

Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock Screen not displaying

The problem on lock screen widgets not displaying on Samsung Galaxy S4 and older Android devices usually occurs when the screen lock method settings is disabled or set to NONE. Thus, in order to get this problem solved, you would need to re-configure the screen lock settings of your device. In case you need further assistance on how to do it, follow these steps.

Steps to Enable Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy S4/Newer Gadgets

1. Touch Menu icon from the Home screen.

2. Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu items that show up next.

3. Touch to select My Device to get to Lock Screen option.

4. Touch the Lock Screen icon to enable Screen Lock settings on your device.

5. You will then be prompted with a new screen containing the list of screen lock methods for you to choose from. Select a method you wish to use from the list.

6. On-screen instructions will show up next. Follow the given instructions to set up the screen lock on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device.

Steps to Enable Lock Screen Widgets for Older Devices

Just like with newer gadgets, the screen lock method has to be set to something other than NONE, in order to enable screen options.

Here are the steps on how to enable screen lock options on older devices:

1. Touch Menu icon from the Home Screen to begin with.

2. Touch to select Settings options from the sub-menu items.

3. Touch to select Lock Screen option to get you to the Screen Lock configuration.

4. Touch the Screen Lock icon to proceed.

5. Choose a screen lock method you prefer to use on your device.

6. Follow the given instructions to set up the screen lock method you have selected.

7. Place a check mark next to With Swipe Lock on select locks, once you have your screen lock setup.

8. To enable the feature(s) you prefer to display on the lock screen, touch Lock Screen option.

9. Touch the Back icon to go back to the previous menu after selecting a lock screen method for your device.

10. Wait until the With Swipe Lock option is enabled. Once enabled, try swiping the screen to unlock your device. It should work fine. You should also use your selected screen lock method every time you unlock your device.

11. Touch Secured Lock Time and touch to select the delay before your screen times out option to complete the lock screen configuration on your device.

Lock Screen widget is among the favorite features found on Android 4.2 gadgets, as well as Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

By default, the lock screen widgets feature is disabled by Samsung. This means that owners of the device would have to follow certain steps to get the feature setup, and get their gadget up and running in no time.


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  1. The elephant in the room says: It sucks that Samsung has decided that you can’t use other more superior informational widgets like Dashclock for example, with a secured lock screen. When using a secured lock screen, you can only use their clock options which kind of suck if you like weather and other “at a glance” info the stock clock doesn’t provide. Google has allowed this since original Jellybean. Why Samsung decided to screw it up and remove this awesome feature in secured mode is beyond me. They cleverly decided to make it this OR that instead of letting it be both choice of personal lock screen widget AND secured entry.

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