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Jolla wants Sailfish OS to find a home on Android devices

Jolla SailfishJolla officially launched its first Sailfish OS running smartphone a few days ago with the ability to run Android apps. With Android being one of the largest mobile platforms in the world, it’s no surprise that the team chose to bring Android compatibility with their OS. However, according to the CEO of Jolla, the team is looking for even deeper support with the Android platform. It is being said that Jolla wants Android smartphones to be able to sideload the Sailfish OS pretty much like a custom ROM, so that people can get a hint of what the Sailfish OS can do.

The company apparently has its eyes set on the Chinese market as well, which has a remarkable demand for new smartphones. However, while producing Sailfish OS smartphones in enough quantities could be pretty challenging, providing a ROM to flash on existing Android devices shouldn’t be a hard ask. In the end, Jolla wants to find a home on Android, which was clear since app compatibility was available from the start. Sideloading is still a fairly new concept to many Android users out there, so it will be crucial for the Jolla team to convince users that Sailfish OS is a viable option.

Source: Daily Mobile

Via: Android Community

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