iOS vs. Android: Apple Devices Generated More Online Sales During Black Friday 2013

When it comes to market share Android is easily the dominant platform in the United States and around the world. Despite this record it is still Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone that have generated more online sales during Black Friday 2013 shopping period. Data gathered by Adobe and IBM shows that more than double the number of people used Apple devices to shop online.


Adobe’s data shows that there is a 118% increase in the number of online sales using the mobile platform. Thanksgiving Day sales reached just a little bit over $1.06 billion (18 percent increase from last year) while Black Friday sales stood at $1.93 billion (30 percent increase from last year). During these two days around $718 million was generated from mobile devices (118 percent increase from last year).

Breaking down the numbers further the iPad is responsible for $417 million in sales (58 percent) during the two days. The iPhone is responsible for $126 million in sales (18 percent). The Android platform is responsible for $106 million in sales (15 percent). The combined iPad and iPhone sales amount to 76% which is more than 5 times compared to that of the Android platform.

The data released by IBM also shows Android devices trailing iOS devices in terms of generating online sales. It shows that the average iOS user spent more during Black Friday ($127.92) compared to Android users ($105.20). The figures were based on the sales coming from 800 U.S. retail websites. In terms of online traffic iOS devices stood at 28.2% while Android devices only had 11.4%. In terms of online sales iOS devices generated 18.1% of all sales while Android only got 3.5% which is a 5 to 1 advantage for Apple.

Why is the iOS platform beating Android in generating online sales? Some experts theorize that despite Android being the dominant platform (shipping 81 percent of smartphones compared to 13 percent of Apple in recent months) more than two-thirds of Android devices being released in the market do not give a worthwhile online shopping experience. These devices with low powered specs are only best used for making calls or sending text messages. Apple users are also more digitally engaged and wealthier compared to the average Android user which is why most of the online sales is generated from this platform.

via forbes