Huawei will reportedly exit the American market over spying allegations

HuaweiAccording to the CEO of Huawei, the company doesn’t want to stay in the American market anymore after the company was tirelessly accused of cyberspying for Chinese intelligence against the United States. The CEO of Huawei gave out this information in an interview with a few French journalists. During the course of the interview, he clearly mentioned that the company doesn’t want to be the reason for the souring relationship between China and the U.S. While the jury is still out on whether Huawei is acting as a spy for the Chinese intelligence, it’s rather disappointing that a smartphones and equipments manufacturer of Huawei’s caliber had to pull out due to a political issue.

This would mean that the American customers won’t be able to get their hands on Huawei made smartphones, as well as several other networking equipments that the company is known for. Here is a transcript of the Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei’s interview with the French media – “If Huawei gets in the middle of U.S-China relations, it’s not worth it. Therefore, we have decided to exit the U.S. market, and not stay in the middle.” There’s no word on when the company will exit the American market, but since we’re in the end of 2013, it’s safe to assume that the changes will take effect starting from 2014.

Via: 9 to 5 Google

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