HTC One mini banned in the UK on charges of patent infringement


HTC’s financial troubles are already, well, troublesome for the Taiwanese company, and now it has received a rather huge blow in the UK – the HTC One mini has been banned from being sold in the country, as it infringes on one of Nokia’s patents. Nokia requested an injunction over European patent number 0998024, which covers a wide range of HTC devices that Broadcom BCM4239, BCM4330, BCM4334, and Qualcomm WR1605 chips, and the One mini is the first of those devices to be banned.

The HTC One was found to be infringing as well, but the court agreed to not ban the company’s flagship as well, as a sales block on the One would make HTC vulnerable between now and March next year, when it is expected to launch the One’s successor. The One can still be banned, but the company will have a chance till December 6th to appeal the decision. The One mini gets no such relief, however, and will not be allowed to be stocked in the country from the 6th, especially since HTC launched the device at a time when it was aware it was infringing some of Nokia’s patents, so even an appeal might not do it much good.

The HTC One mini might not be the most exciting or sought-after handset, but at a time when every single sale is one that matters for the ailing Taiwanese manufacturer, the court ruling comes as an obstacle that HTC would need to work around as quickly as possible. HTC assures everyone that at least the flagship One will continue to be available, but for anyone looking to buy a mini version of a flagship phone in the UK, there will be one less option in the market very soon.

Via: Bloomberg