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HTC details its Android update process through a descriptive infographic

HTC OneUpdate rollouts can be a frustrating process, for the manufacturers and mainly for the customers as they have to wait quite a while before getting the latest version of Android while Nexus and GPE devices enjoy the luxury of getting an update almost immediately. HTC is one such manufacturer, which is not the quickest to rollout an Android update, but is certainly willing and determined to satisfy its loyal customer base.

And with the Android 4.4 update imminent for HTC One smartphones, the manufacturer has posted an infographic on its website detailing how the update process works for the unlocked, GPE and carrier variants of the smartphone. The page states that the Android 4.4 update for the GPE edition HTC One, the developer edition variant as well as the unlocked global HTC One is ready while the carrier variants are in integration.

This infographic will make you understand as to why it takes time for the carrier variants to get the update compared to a regular unlocked variant. However, it still doesn’t ease the pain of waiting for an update, especially if you own an HTC One bought through one of the four major carriers in the U.S.

Source: HTC

Via: Phone Dog

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