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HP could launch a few new smartphones next year in emerging markets of Asia

HP LogoAccording to a new rumor, HP could look to unveil two new smartphones in 2014 targeted towards the emerging markets with some more smartphones to follow later in the year. HP’s intention to step into the mobile segment is not a secret anymore, so these reports have some weight in them. The report originates from The Information which further cites that the company plans to launch large sized devices as well, but mostly in Asian markets which has a massive demand for low cost devices.

Pricing will reportedly be set at $250 and below, which gives us a fair idea of the sort of hardware these devices will pack. HP officially bowed out of the mobile and tablet segment after the failure of Palm devices and the HP TouchPad tablet. However, an Android running smartphone might just be the remedy for the company to re-enter the segment. HP recently launched a myriad of Android tablets earlier this year, which makes reports of a smartphone launch all the more believable.

Source: The Information

Via: The Verge

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