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How to Save Galaxy Note 3 Webpages Using Scrapbook

Save Galaxy Note 3 Webpages

A few days ago, I published an article about how to save Galaxy Note 3 webpages. Among the things I mentioned there were using the stock browser of the device and downloading apps from Google Play that provides the saving webpages in Note 3 function such as Offline Browser, Save This Page and others.

It slipped my mind that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a new app that debuted along with it that includes a feature which will let users save Galaxy Note 3 webpages and other contents online. That app is called Scrapbook.

The good thing about it, aside from letting you store webpages for future viewing, is that it also enables the user to save videos that can be watched on a later time while offline.

How to Save Galaxy Note 3 Webpages Using Scrapbook

Using it is easy, all you have to do is follow these tips:

1. Open the webpage that you want to save.

2. Access Air Command by hovering your S Pen over the display.

3. Tap Scrapbooker, which is the second option from the left of the Air Command.

4. You will be instructed to draw a circle in the page that you want to save, so just follow the instruction to get a snapshot of the page and keep its links.

5. You can add a memo if you want by tapping the option located at the lower-left part of your screen or add a tag using the icon next to memo.

6. Hit the check mark on the upper-right corner of your screen to finish.

How to View Saved Webpages in Scrapbook

Now, if you want to access the saved webpages, all you have to do is open the Scrapbook app. From there, all the saved webpages in your phone will appear. Just tap the page that you want to view to open it.

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