how the Samsung Galaxy S5 might look like

Lots of rumors about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 including a leaked candidate that hinted the S5 might come with a 2K display (read it here) and a report that the device will have an all-metal body.  A patent that Samsung filed recently we just may have a clear picture of how the Samsung Galaxy S5 will look like.

The photos above are sketch designs that Samsung patented not so long ago although we cannot tell whether the designs are for the S5 or for another device.  At the rate Samsung has been churning out devices, especially large screen devices, there is a possibility the patent could be of a different device.  Speculation is rife though that the patent, which is proof that Samsung will bring a very thin device and a bulge at the rear, probably space for a rear scanner.

Whatever the case, the new device is different from all the current Samsung Galaxy S devices – both in design and size.  The patent files show that the device has both the USB and earphones jack are placed at the bottom of the device and not the top or sides as Samsung usually places them.  The patent files do not reveal much but I bet that if it is the S5 we will see more details emerging soon especially since we had heard that it may be coming to the market as early as January 2014.

 Source: Ubergizmo