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Google Posts December 2013 Glass Update

Google Glass 2

Google added lots of new features for this month’s Google Glass update. It touches everything from YouTube, to Hangouts, and beyond. Let’s start at the improved lock screen.

Google Glass has a lock screen, but until this month, you couldn’t protect it. Now, no one can use Glass unless they know your lock pattern. In the settings, you can set up a series of taps and swipes to lock Glass.

Finally, you can do Hangouts from Glass. You have been able to talk over video, but not send messages. Now, you can send messages with Glass, even ones with pictures.

YouTube seemed like a natural fit on Glass. You can easily say “OK Glass, record a video”, but it couldn’t go anywhere except Google+ or your phone. Now, finally, you can upload videos you take to YouTube. Acknowledging this, Google even mentions the first ever YouTube video of the YouTube founder at a zoo. They say, “So go on, share that video of you at the zoo, #throughglass”. That’s a nice touch on their post.


The “wink” feature has been rumored for some time now. As of this month, it’s official. You can now wink at Glass and it will instantly take a picture. As long as the feature is turned on in settings. It’s only photos for now, but Google has plans for this.

Imagine if you could pay for your taxi ride’s meter by winking at the meter. Or if you look at a product through a window and get it shipped to your door? The possibilities are endless.

Google recently added a Music app to Glass, allowing you to listen to your Google Play library. Now Google Play Music All Access subscribers can pick between their playlists they’ve made, the radio, or the “I’m Feeling lucky” feature of Music. You can also use glass to listen to specific songs by saying “OK Glass,” and then “listen to” the song you want to play.


iOS users now also finally get use Glass in tandem with their iPhones. The app is ready and actually appeared briefly this morning, but Google says they will release it again later this week. But if you want to have the link, click here. Also, you will need to have this update to use Glass with the iOS app.

This looks like a great update for Glass users. It’s one small step towards a more public release sometime next year. Glass users, go ahead and get the update.

Source: Google Glass Google Plus Page

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